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300-hour Online
Yoga Teacher Training

300-hour Online
Yoga Teacher Training

Welcome to the 300-hour Kaiut Yoga Teacher Training, a complete course designed to be more than a yoga training: It's a full immersion in the world of health, where you learn not only a unique therapeutic method but also how to build a profitable career as a yoga teacher.






206 DAYS



The Teacher Training delivers ALL OF THIS:

1 - Deep knowledge of a yoga method with a biomechanical approach

2 - Development of entrepreneurial vision

3 - Development of interpersonal skills for teaching

4 - An engaged teacher’s community so you can build knowledge together

5 - International Certification

6 - Access to a Lifelong Learning Institute

The Kaiut Yoga Method uses a biomechanical approach to yoga. We work from the joints to deeply impact how the structure and systems of the body work and subsequently preserve, restore, and develop natural functionality and improve mobility.

The human body has changed a lot during our history as species. The prehistoric human used their bodies differently, enjoying a vast variety of movement. Over the last thousands of years, how we use our bodies has drastically changed. Living in a constant state of comfort  has impacted us negatively by way of mobility loss, joint degeneration and circulatory diseases, and stress-related disorders

The Kaiut Method was born in this scenario: it aims to bring back ancient yoga practice, in order to give back to our bodies variety of movement, so they can achieve the full potential that nature itself designed them to have.

Every pose is a complex leverage system operating biomechanically, adapted for each person to restore everything that was lost in this modern way of living, and access the unlimited potential within.

Ancient Practice with a Modern View

One of the most referenced works in the yoga world is the Sutras organized by Patañjali. In them, there is an exposition of yoga’s 8 steps: Yama, Niyama, Asana, Pranayama, Pratyahara, Dharana, Dhyana and Samadhi.  

1. Yama They represent ethical values that, if adopted as a daily routine, make possible access to a virtuous state of consciousness and that evolves on the yogic path.  

2. Niyama Understood as an orientation toward what should be cultivated in our relationship with the external world. 

3. Asana The most well-known part of yoga in the West, because it involves bodily postures. The asanas allow the individual to reach a state of contemplation, using the body to access the mind. 

4. Pranayama Breathing techniques that raise levels of vital energy, reducing mental activity, bringing calm and deep relaxation.

5. Pratyahara Is related to the control of the senses. In the Pratyahara state, the yogis bring their consciousness to the internal world.

6. Dharana Defined as the state of mental concentration, whereby the practitioner achieves a meditative mental state in which his attention focuses on a single point.

7. Dhyana In this meditative state, practitioners are conscious of their contemplative act as well as the object of meditation and can keep their mind on the object of contemplation for some time.

8. Samadhi The deepest state of meditation, whereby practitioners become the object of contemplation. It is the highest yogic state, which is the name given to the practitioner of yoga.

The Kaiut Method, however, focuses on its own singular path, choosing an independent view regarding the classic yoga literature. Never disrespecting or denying the historical value of classical texts, the Kaiut Method, created and perfected for more than 30 years by Francisco Kaiut, considers everything neuroscience and quantum physics have taught us in the last centuries, and thus rethinks yoga to create a practice that works for the modern human.

“Yoga today is a way to decrease the negative impact of modern life, yoga tomorrow is a platform for human evolution."
Francisco Kaiut

you will learn directly from

The method’s creator:

How to deal with joint degeneration and autoimmune diseases using yoga

How to treat therapeutic students who suffers from chronic pain, anxiety, and mobility issues

How to adapt poses to stimulate different kinds of bodies with safety and efficiency

How to achieve a state of presence through joint stimulation

How to use joint stimulation to reconnect body and brain neurologically

"At an online space, the student discovers Yoga in his own time, respecting the limits of the body without external distractions in a safe environment"
Francisco Kaiut

Entrepreneurial Vision and skills to develop a profitable career 

We know that learning a yoga method is only the first step to be a successful teacher. To be able to conquer a high-impact and profitable career, you need a sharp business vision and a few tools and techniques. We will teach you all of that in the Teacher Training! 

Our mission is to empower you to be a COMPLETE PROFESSIONAL, .."with the necessary abilities to share health and create a sustainable and successful career. That’s why we’ll teach you about entrepreneurship, student management, how to adapt to online models, and more.

Content Grid

Approaches to teaching in the classroom environment

Approaches to teaching in the online environment

Working with challenges in the in-person environment

Working with challenges in the online environment

Student management, assessment, enrollment, and retention

“I have been practicing with Kaiut Yoga Method for over 10 years. Already done two different Teacher Trainings, because I wanted to start my own business using the Method. I opened my Kaiut Yoga School in 2018 and since then we attended so many people! Students from 10 to 96 years old, a great range of people could benefit from this therapeutic method. Having the school it’s really satisfying because I can see the results very clearly.”
Norberto, Kaiut Yoga Teacher and School Owner in Curitiba, Brazil

Interpersonal skills to captive your students and teach effectively 

A good teacher has to be a great storyteller. Connecting with students is key to deeply understanding what drives them, what their stories are, and what causes them to feel pain or anxiety. Using the right tone of voice and approachable language is vital in you being able to deliver results to your students. In our Teacher Training, we will address all of that. 

Content Grid

Fundamentals 3: Kaiut Yoga interpersonal skills set – Part II

Teaching in an in-person environment: Voice, touch, vision, and presence

Teaching in an online environment: Voice, presence, and positioning

Approaches to teaching in the classroom environment (individual and groups)

Approaches to teaching in the online environment (live and pre-recorded classes)

Sequences and class plans for groups

Learn and Evolve in Community

We truly believe in the power of sharing. That’s why we have built an incredible teacher’s community over the years. We use channels such as Facebook Groups and Telegram Groups to provide a space for our teachers to discuss practice, talk about theirs students’ cases, learn from each other and keep knowledge moving - as it should be! From the moment you join Teacher Training, you are always in the company of engaged and committed yoga teachers, who share the same goal as you: to be the best professional they can and spread health.  

Take a sneak peek at our Facebook Page: 

Check out the Kaiut Yoga Facebook Page!


“I started my training in 2017. After hours of class with Francisco Kaiut, instead of being tired, what I felt was very pure energy flowing through the body, with a lot of vitality and joy. In the Kaiut Method, I actually found genuine yoga, that original, makeup-free yoga."

Eve Pisani, certified Kaiut Yoga Teacher in Caxias do Sul, Brazil

“I have been practicing yoga for over 20 years. Today I am 69 years old and I can guarantee that during all this time, my body has experienced little loss of quality. I see through it how much the Kaiut method has transformed my life.”

Lúcia Torres, certified Kaiut Yoga teacher in Brazil.

“Learning to read micro-movements and notice body harmony is part of the continuous training proposed by Kaiut. The same sequences with energy work totally unique for EACH ONE of the people who come to share my class. Without judging values but with precise words.”

Ariel Kuma, certified Kaiut Yoga Teacher in Manaus, Brazil

“In addition to pain relief, I discovered the amazing connection that yoga brings between body and mind.”

Paula Botelho, certified Kaiut Yoga Teacher in Curitiba, Brazil

“I would never imagine learning so much and, above all, having the opportunity to help so many people in such a special way.”

Naudé Prates, certified Kaiut Yoga Teacher in Curitiba, Brazil

Upon completion of Teacher Training, you’ll receive a 300-hour international certification. The certificate allows you to teach Kaiut Yoga classes everywhere in the world, as well as helps you to get more content and keep learning with us through the Kaiut Yoga Lifelong Learning Institute.

Kaiut Yoga
Lifelong Learning Institute

For us, to learn is to be on a never-ending journey of knowledge. That’s why when you enroll in our Teacher Training, you become a member of our Institute. It was created to help us achieve one of the basic premises of yoga: promote positive transformations. And we do that by forming and supporting teachers as well as promoting new sustainable solutions for society and the environment. 

As a member of the Institute, you have many advantages. Take a look: 

Access to all classes

Exclusive lectures about various topics on the health universe

Lectures for students

Lectures for teachers

Kaiut Yoga Conventions

Courses and Workshops

Teacher’s community 

Kaiut Yoga Lifelong Learning is a nonprofit organization focused on give structure and knowledge to teachers who want to share health. Since a big part of our work is around providing tools to promote health and well-being, we are always looking for ways to expand this to the communities around us.

That’s why we are in touch with several NGOs, helping out people and the environment. As a Brazilian-born Institute, we started our social work with NGOs near us, but there is no geographic limit to where we want to go. Here are some of the projects we are involved with: 

Dream’s Friend Institute (Instituto Amiga dos Sonhos) An institute created to help women achieve their dreams.

Join More NGO (ONG Junta Mais) Operates in various niches of society, contributing to social development and better quality of life.

Plant a Tree NGO (ONG Plantar uma Árvore)
Plant a Tree NGO (ONG Plantar uma Árvore)A sustainable project focused on planting trees.

Innovative and in-depth format 

In the most recent years, everything has moved online. We, at first were concerned about this big change, but realized we couldn't continue to expect different results by doing the same thing, especially with the world changing around us.

We realized we needed to adapt. Indeed one of the keywords in the Kaiut Method is, adaptability. So in order to reach more people and continue to move in pace with the world, we needed to change. We needed to evolve. So we did.

In transforming a need into an opportunity, we found that the online world is extremely effective for our mission of delivering yoga to everyone. In addition to making yoga accessible across the world, the online format also allows students to discover yoga in their own time, respecting the limits of their body, and doing so in the familiarity of their own home.

1. Yoga history - opening intensive!

2. Embracing our evolutionary potential - opening intensive!

3. From the Vedas to the 21st century and the modern human - opening intensive!

4. Changes in body use throughout human history

5. Classic yoga in modern times

6. Paths to spontaneous meditation

7. The Autonomic Nervous System

8. Levels of body perception

9. Accessing the intelligence of nature within us

10. Biomechanical and cerebral evolution as seen through yoga

11. Fundamentals 1: Floor, wall, and gravity – Part I

12. Fundamentals 1: Gravitational line of forces, compensatory impact – Part II

13. Fundamentals 2: The onion, the octopus, and the wave – Part I

14. Fundamentals 2: Breaking down rigidity and releasing blockages – Part II

15. Fundamentals 3: Sustainability, diversity, and safety – Part I

16. Fundamentals 3: Kaiut Yoga interpersonal skills set – Part II

17. Key positions and movements in the Method

18. Circulation and backbends - weekend intensive!

19. Adapting positions and classes - opening intensive!

20. Teaching in an in-person environment: Voice, touch, vision, and presence - weekend intensive! 

21. Teaching in an online environment: Voice, presence, and positioning

22. Class with invited Teacher 1

23. Approaches to teaching in the classroom environment (individual and groups)

24. Class with invited Teacher 2

25. Approaches to teaching in the online environment (live and pre-recorded classes)

26. Class with invited Teacher 3

27. Working with challenges in the in-person environment

28. Class with invited Teacher 4

29. Working with challenges in the online environment

30. Class with invited Teacher 5

31. Understanding the 100 foundational classes

32. Class with invited Teacher 6

33. Sequences and class plans for groups

34. Class with invited Teacher 7

35. Student management, assessment, enrollment, and retention - closing intensive!

36. Developing your personal practice - closing intensive! 

37. Q&A and Closing - closing intensive!

Content Grid

37 online theoretical classes - 2 hour class + 1 hour Q&A!

3 exclusive weekends intensive - 2 hour class + 1 hour Q&!

100 recorded practices with Francisco Kaiut

Access to the Kaiut Yoga Lifelong Learning Institut

Printed class plan with 100 classes

Printed manual on How to Build an Avatar and ask better questions

Direct feedback from the Method’s creator

Access to our Teacher’s Community via Telegram & Facebook

Permanent access to the content

Are you still asking yourself why join Kaiut Yoga Teacher Training?

Here are 10 good reasons. In this training, you will…

1. Learn about the body and brain as viewed through the biomechanical approach of the Method.

2. Learn about evidence-based research supporting the efficacy of the Method.

3. Build a deep understanding of the historical context of yoga and human development, enriching your practice as a teacher.

4. Learn the art of the teacher-student relationship to achieve long-term results for your students and you as a teacher.

5. Connect with a community of inspired and experienced teachers.

6. Develop an entrepreneurial vision to build a successful business.

7. Develop interpersonal skills to teach.

8. Be a part of an engaged teacher’s community.

9. Get an International Certification to teach worldwide.

10. Get Access to a Lifelong Learning Institute with exclusive content.

Kaiut Yoga has been featured in:

Fox News

Yoga Journal


Tibet House


Fox 4 News


Fox 34



Fox News

Huffington Post

Yoga Journal

Tibet House


Fox 4 News


Fox 34



The teacher behind the Method

Francisco Kaiut

Francisco Kaiut has created the Kaiut Yoga method with one goal: to adapt the ancient practice of yoga to the modern human being, delivering a pain-free life, with restored mobility and longevity. Using his background in chiropractic, extensive research in several methods, and motivated by his own chronic pain, Francisco designed a tool that can give back to our bodies and mind all the potential that nature programmed us to have.

What people are saying about Kaiut Yoga? 

Tools and resources


This free instant messaging app will be used for general communications with Francisco, the Kaiut Yoga Support team, and training community, as well as the delivery of course materials and daily audio and video files.


This free software will be used forvideo calls, live stream of classes, andas interactive space forQ&A sessions.

Kaiut Yoga Platform:

Our very own platform. Here you willfind recordings of practice andtheory classes and supportmaterials available on-demand.

Class Handouts and Plans:

Electronic documents for each theory class, as well as practice sequences and adaptations.


Is this course for teachers only?

No. The Kaiut Yoga Teacher Trainingis designed for teachers andstudents of the method, as well asteachers and students practicing other yoga styles who want to deepen their understanding of body biomechanics and the full potential of the human body.

What do I need to take the classes?

To attend classes you will need: acomputer, internet connection, andadequate space to learn. Household items can be adapted for use in practice classes, or you can purchase specific equipmentdirectly with us.

What do I need to wear?

Comfortable clothes. You may want a sweater, long-sleeve top or hooded jacket on hand, as you may experience temperature changes during practice.

Do I need previous yoga experience?

No. Kaiut Yoga is designed for people of all levels of experience, including none. Here you will learn how to use your body productively and intelligently.

Can the course guarantee I’ll have a successful yoga business?

In the Training, we’ll share strategies that have worked for us and many other successful entrepreneurs. But, of course, we cannot guarantee your business revenue. We cannot guarantee employment, nor can we give financial or legal advice. What we do is support you during the training, as well as give lifetime access to our training materials and community. 

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