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Yoga Teacher Training

Equip yourself with the professional and communication skills you need to teach yoga both Online and In-Person.

Kaiut Yoga uses a biomechanical approach to yoga. We work from the joints to deeply impact how the structure and systems of the body work and subsequently preserve, restore, and develop natural functionality and improve mobility.

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+ 300-hour certification

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Learn at your own pace and upgrade your teaching skills

The course grid covers all aspects of the Kaiut Yoga Method as well as the practice elements such as how to go through class plans, personal practice, storytelling to connect with students, sequence adaptations, and more. 

Upon completion, you'll have a deep bank of knowledge regarding the body, mind and how to balance them using a yoga method designed for the modern human body. 

Training includes Zoom sessions, printed teaching material, and you get to be part of an exclusive yoga teacher’s community. The online classes are recorded for those who need the replay.






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Over 50.000 students in the U.S. and around the world

Over 20 schools in Brazil and the U.S.

Over 1.000 certified teachers from Europe, U.S and South America


Highly-Structured Interactive Online Training with Internacional 300-hour certification

"At an online space, the student discovers Yoga in his own time, respecting the limits of the body without external distractions in a safe environment"

Francisco Kaiut


Support students to live longer and better

Our method uses practices that restore the optimal structure and functionality to the body.  Student's experience sustainable mental and physical relief, improved mobility and strength, and overall enhancement in their quality of life.

Develop your knowledge of body biomechanics through a yoga method designed for the modern human being

The Kaiut Yoga Method takes a biomechanical approach to yoga. We work from the joints to impact directly in the neurologic system, reconnecting your body with your brain and restoring mobility. Every pose is a complex leverage system operating biomechanically, adapted for each person to access their full body potential and restore everything it was lost in this modern way of living.

dynamic and complete training

Here's what you'll receive

37 online theoretical classes

3 exclusive weekends intensive 

100 recorded practices with Francisco Kaiut

Access to the Kaiut Yoga Lifelong Learning Institute

Printed class plan with 100 classes

Printed manual on How to Build an Avatar and ask better questions

Direct feedback from the Method’s creator

Access to our Teacher’s Community via Telegram & Facebook

Permanent access to the content


Learn how to effectively work with chronic and acute pain

Kaiut Yoga was primarily developed to relieve chronic pain and minimize the impact of modern lifestyle on the body. Our teaching approach utilizes supports and variations of positions to enable students to not only manage pain but transform pain into potential.

Program Content

The Kaiut Yoga Method encourages students to cultivate a sustainable daily practice of yoga overtime. The Method has evolved with the in-person and online teaching environment in mind, can be practiced in any environment, and does not require any special equipment, supporting students to practice and explore their body's full potential anywhere and anytime.


We provide all the support you need on your yoga teacher journey


Live theoretical classes with Francisco

Daily practical classes

International certificate

Engaged Teacher Community


Develop your business vision and learn skills to teach at your own yoga school

How to use storytelling to connect with students

How to attract and retain students

How to teach online and in-person

How to work with groups of any size

The teacherbehind the method!

Francisco Kaiut has created the Kaiut Yoga method with one goal: to adapt the ancient practice of yoga to the modern human being, delivering a pain-free life, with restored mobility and longevity. Using his background in chiropractic, extensive research in several methods, and motivated by his own chronic pain, Francisco designed a tool that can give back to our bodies and mind all the potential that nature programmed us to have.


More than 1.000 certified teachersMore than 50.000 students use Kaiut Yoga as their health tool

“Serious method, taught by committed teachers, carefully individualized. Each student has his own practice, according to his demands and possibilities.”

-Ana Mansur, Kaiut Yoga Student in Curitiba, Brazil

“Today, the classes are essential for my health and well-being. They help me to reach full awareness, through the positions that give us flexibility, overcoming the barriers of the blocks, leading us to know better how to be human in the integration of Body, Mind, and Spirit.”

- Ana Carone, Kaiut Yoga student in Joinville, Brazil

“I would never imagine learning so much and, above all, having the opportunity to help so many people in such a special way.”

- Naudé Prates, certified Kaiut Yoga Teacher in Curitiba, Brazil

“I started my training in 2017. After hours of class with Francisco Kaiut, instead of being tired, what I felt was very pure energy flowing through the body, with a lot of vitality and joy. In the Kaiut Method, I actually found genuine yoga, that original, makeup-free yoga.”

- Eve Pisani, certified Kaiut Yoga Teacher in Caxias do Sul, Brazil

“I have been practicing yoga for over 20 years. Today I am 69 years old and I can guarantee that during all this time, my body has experienced little loss of quality. I see through it how much the Kaiut method has transformed my life.”

- Lúcia Torres, certified Kaiut Yoga teacher in Brazil.

“Learning to read micro-movements and notice body harmony is part of the continuous training proposed by Kaiut. The same sequences with energy work totally unique for EACH ONE of the people who come to share my class. Without judging values but with precise words.”

- Ariel Kuma, certified Kaiut Yoga Teacher in Manaus, Brazil

“In addition to pain relief, I discovered the amazing connection that yoga brings between body and mind.”

- Paula Botelho, certified Kaiut Yoga Teacher in Curitiba, Brazil

Tools and resources


This free instant messaging app will be used for general communications with Francisco, the Kaiut Yoga Support team, and training community, as well as the delivery of course materials and daily audio and video files.


This free software will be used forvideo calls, live stream of classes, andas interactive space forQ&A sessions.

Kaiut Yoga

Our very own platform. Here you willfind recordings of practice andtheory classes and supportmaterials available on-demand.

Class Handouts and Plans:

Electronic documents for each theory class, as well as practice sequences and adaptations.


Is this course for teachers only?

No. The Kaiut Yoga Teacher Trainingis designed for teachers andstudents of the method, as well asteachers and students practicing other yoga styles who want to deepen their understanding of body biomechanics and the full potential of the human body.

What do I need to take the classes?

To attend classes you will need: acomputer, internet connection, andadequate space to learn. Household items can be adapted for use in practice classes, or you can purchase specific equipmentdirectly with us.

What do I need to wear?

Comfortable clothes. You may want a sweater, long-sleeve top or hooded jacket on hand, as you may experience temperature changes during practice.

Do I need previous yoga experience?

No. Kaiut Yoga is designed for people of all levels of experience, including none. Here you will learn how to use your body productively and intelligently.


Step into new potential by taking part in Kaiut Yoga Teacher Training.